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The Liberty Forge

Jan 20, 2019

In this episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast we're welcoming Sal the Agorist to the show to help us get a better grasp on Agorism. We hear a lot about Agorism in freedom-speak these days. Sometimes it can be hard to seperate these terms, Anarchy, Libertarianism, Voluntaryism, Agorism, and so on. We'll try to un-muddy the waters a bit.
We'll start with a good definition of the term. We'll work through a few good resources. We'll talk about some of the tools in the Agorist's tool box. We'll get some tips and ideas from Sal, and touch on some of the reasons why one may be inspired to participate in counter economics.
Don't forget to check out Sal's work in the links below, and share this episode with your subversive-curious friends.
Lucky Gunner
Sal The Agorist
Sal's Twitter
Orange Man Bad e-book
That Kratom Dude - Luis
Community Technology - Karl Hess
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